growth chart - art in progress!

Remember when you were a kid and all you could think about was growing up, growing taller, reaching the candy jar, being out with friends past dark, kissing your first crush, moving out of home, outgrowing your dad? Well, parents remember all that too. And to them, you're still a baby (just ask my mom)... well, parents also love to hold on to the moments when you are children and often, they do this by marking your height at different ages on the door trim. With our world moving on ever so quickly and our childhood homes leaving our lives, it's hard to keep that door trim (although I have heard of parents taking it out and replacing it before moving! go getters!) So, here is a way to have it as long as you like, and even pass it on to your kid's kids and compare and compete! 

Here are some process photos I've been sharing on Instagram. I am so excited about this project! I cannot wait to complete it (though it is taking me MANY hours as it is my largest piece yet!). Also, happy news guys, I'll be making wall stickers of this so it is more affordable and many people can enjoy it! Stay tuned and follow along if you like on my instagram