Pinterest Gift Ideas

We thought we would help you put together a little gift idea post with some tips on how to be the bestest friend, daughter, sister, brother, husband (etc) around!

The best tip we can give you (from experience) is when your friends say things like “I really want to buy a flamingo print” or “I’ve been looking for a cute new charcuterie board” - WRITE it down! Keep a little note on your phone of your friends’ random wants and needs. This will make you an amazing gift giver, and it will save you the “OH SHOOT it’s her birthday in 2 days and I have NO idea what to get her!” panic mode.

Step it up with personalized gifts! What better place to go for ideas than Pinterest? You know that DIYs are super fun to browse through, but who ever has the time to actually follow through and do them? We do! And we love to design with you. For instance, a friend of ours is buying a new place and she is Cambodian and her partner is Irish, so we came up with a neat charcuterie board with an elephant wearing a green leprechaun hat and their names burned in at the back. How happy were they with the gift? We’d give it a full 5 stars!

Here are some great Pinterest posts to get your thinking cap going. We are always updating the Gift Ideas Pinterest board and the Bisa Lisa one as well. Give us a follow!