Beatris Bogomilova's passion in art creation began when she was a little girl in Bulgaria. Her mother bought her a drawing board when she was just five years old. In middle school, Beatris discovered that her work really did make an impression on others and later pursued it more seriously in high school, earning herself the proficiency art award. She then studied architecture, traveled around the world working in the field, and currently pursues it as her career, though her creative mind really thrives while making beautiful art pieces after work. Her hobbies are mostly all outdoor and it reflects in her wildlife and nature pieces. She enjoys making relatable art, with a little quirkiness and simplicity. 

Why Bisa Lisa?

Bisa was Beatris’s childhood nickname, given to her by her older sister. Kuma Lisa is a Bulgarian folklore character; a trickster fox. Lisa is short for ‘lisitsa’, the Bulgarian word for fox. As she was always quite sneaky as a child, pranking away and having her peers go along with it, it wasn’t long before her family started calling her Bisa Lisa.

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