P O P - U P shop - west elm

I absolutely love doing these pop-ups at West Elm.

For starters, the store is incredibly inspiring; there's trendy & beautiful furniture, decor, plates, dog statues, flamingo snow globes, cacti figurines - all of it - so lots of eye candy for me. Also lots of punny things which I thoroughly enjoy. The customers that come in are always lovely and from all over the place, often with pets or cute children (bonus!). And most importantly, my friends always enjoy the store when they 'pop' in! 

The staff is phenomenal and kind, and they often stop and talk to little old me, some are sassy (the best kind) and they're also super trendy. The pop up organizer is so wonderful and accommodating, and one of those honest bold people, you know? The ones you can be sarcastic with and they can take it; good people. Anyway, as you can tell I am excited about Sunday and pretty attached to this place. Thanks West Elm! IG: @westelmgranville


12pm - 4pm
2947 Granville St.
Vancouver, BC